Les Productions Horticoles Demers

Les Productions Horticoles Demers

The Company

This family business located in the Chaudière-Appalaches region specializes in the production of greenhouse tomatoes and strawberries. The production method used is hydroponics on rock wool. Currently, Demers products are mainly sold in Québec (grocery stores).

The Reason for Intervention

In 2009, a first investment of $600,000 from Capital Financière agricole inc. (CFAI) made it possible to build new tomato greenhouses, covering two hectares, on 60 hectares of land located a few kilometres from the existing facilities. The Fonds régional de solidarité FTQ Chaudière-Appalaches also helped finance the project.

In 2011, a new CFAI investment of $750,000 will help build a greenhouse in Saint-Nicéphore covering three hectares, which will double the operation’s current production capacity and make it possible to produce tomatoes 12 months a year. The company will then be able to meet the ever-growing needs of Québec’s food chains.

Press Release (French only)

Capital Financière agricole investit 600 000 $ dans Les Productions Horticoles Demers. (PDF 181 KO)
7 octobre 2003

Where to Find Us

796, chemin Saint-Joseph
Saint-Nicolas (Québec) G7A 1Z6
Tel.: 418 831-2489

Update : 2017-03-28