Natur+L XTD


The Company

Natur+L XTD is a new company, just starting up, that subcontracts cold pasteurization services using High Pressure Preservation (HPP). The method extends the shelf life of fresh foods while reducing chemical additives and other preservatives. The company outsources its services to treat products from many different food processing plants in Québec.

The Reason for Intervention

CFAI’s $250,000 investment, in conjunction with investments from other financial partners, was designed to provide the company with the cash flow needed to start up its operations. This major project represents a total investment of $1,625,000.

Where to Find Us

11-38 Place du commerce, suite 117
Ile-des-Sœurs (Québec) H3E 1T8
Tel.: 1-877-HPP-4-XTD
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Update : 2011-07-04