Capital Financière agricole inc.

Support for the Agri-food Sector

In spring 2002, La Financière agricole du Québec created an investment branch, Capital Financière agricole Inc., to provide venture capital for profit making projects that develop the agricultural and agri-food sector, thereby contributing to the economic growth of Québec.

Since 2006, Capital Financière agricole inc. has a new associate, the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, which acquired 10% of its shares.

Capital for Development Projects

Capital Financière agricole can draw on a $26 million partnership fund to be invested in conjunction with public and private partners throughout Québec.

Capital Financière agricole Inc. invests primarily in processing and commercialization projects that ensure market prospects for Québec agricultural products, including upstream primary sector and agricultural projects.

Update : 2008-09-08